Evolve EVRS Water Softener

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With the EVRS, unwanted minerals and hardness don’t stand a chance, while your plumbing and water-using appliances operate at peak efficiency. Featuring Evolve’s patented IQ2 technology, this system is the newest in green technology using less water and less salt, and maximizes performance levels automatically.

Unwanted minerals and hardness don’t stand a chance while your plumbing and water-using appliances operate at peak efficiencies throughout your household.

EVRS Twin Systems
Around-the-clock schedules and busy lifestyles require more water and more capacity. EVRS softeners are available as twin systems for high capacity water treatment when you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


It’s a fact that every household has unique water. Which also means every household has individual water treatment needs. Whether you’re a city water customer or a well owner, your water problems might include:

The science behind high-quality water is the hard part, but the formula for your household is simple. More efficient water leads to a more efficient home. It optimizes performance levels and the lifecycle of your appliances and fixtures. It requires fewer detergents and cleaners. More simply – better water saves you and your family money.

As your professional Evolve Series dealer, we can help you pinpoint your specific water problems and customize the system that’s perfect for your individual household needs.


Click the video below to view a video on how Water Effecient Technology (W.E.T.) works.

Because water is a precious resource, we are constantly looking for ways to use technology to conserve it. W.E.T, or Water Efficient Technology, allows a water softener to use only the amount of water and salt it needs to clean itself and nothing more. This unique feature and patented process is good for the environment, it’s cutting edge and it’s exclusively offered on the Evolve Series water softener.

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