Reverse Osmosis Systems For Your Drinking Water

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Evolve Clear Flo Reverse Osmosis

Evolve Clear Flo
Reverse Osmosis

Clear Flo RO drinking water systems filter water all the way down to the molecular level to ensure healthier, fresher water every time you turn on the faucet. From high levels of heavy metals (including aluminum, copper, zinc, etc.) to fluoride, chlorine and large suspended particles, these systems send contaminants and impurities down the drain. Only the best water makes it through the filtration to your tap.

Evolve Ultrowater Reverse Osmosis

Evolve Ultrowater
Reverse Osmosis

The UltroWater makes healthy water for your home convenient and affordable. Reduce the contaminants that concern the health of your family while improving the smell, taste and appearance of your tap water.

Evolve Longe reach faucets, ec 25 elegant faucet, ec 32 elegant faucet

Evolve Hydronix Reverse Osmosis Faucets

We offer a broad line of certified lead free Hydronix faucets available in a variety of styles and finishes. Complete your reverse osmosis system with the faucet to best suit your room. Finishes available include: satin nickle, brushed nickel, chrome plated, antique brass, and antique wine.

Aquapurion 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Aquapurion 5 Stage
Reverse Osmosis

Looking to get the best value from your RO System? Meet the Indiana Water Aquapurion RO. Most other ROs have a 1-year warranty. The Indiana Water Aquapurion has a three-year warranty and is built to last. This is a quality system that uses all NSF and WQA FDA-approved parts throughout. It includes all fitting and the chrome faucet for easy under-sink installation.

Aquapurion 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis with Permeate

Aquapurion 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis with Permeate

The Indiana Water Aquapurion 5-Stage Permeate Pump RO System has all of the premium upgrades of the standard Aquapurion… plus one more big one! If you have an icemaker or want higher pressure for your reverse osmosis system, then this Premium 5-Stage Permeate Pump RO is an incredible solution. Most RO systems lose 30% to 40% of their pressure in the reverse osmosis process – but not this one! You won’t believe the pressure and volume when you use the non-electric permeate pump reverse osmosis system. This system utilizes all NSF, WQA and FDA Certified components and can be installed neatly under your kitchen sink or remote-installed in a basement or utility room. All filters and membranes are made in USA and the systems includes a John Guest Inlet Valve and Tank Valve.

Galaxy 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Galaxy 4 Stage
Reverse Osmosis

Don't let the low price fool you - the Indiana Water Galaxy 50 GPD reverse osmosis system uses all NSF, WQA and FDA Certified components. This system installs neatly under the sink and takes up the least amount of space of any reverse osmosis system. If space and price are paramount, this is simply the best solution.